Supporting Insurance Transformation

Atlas was the Titan of navigation and endurance tasked with holding up the weight of the world. Atlas was also the caretaker between the Heavens and Earth.

Like the Titan, Atlas InsurTech seeks to be a steward for InsurTech firms, helping to connect insurance and technology to drive powerful business solutions.

Our firm is interested in partners, startups, and strategic ventures that can be given the opportunity to thrive and innovate in the insurance sector through our expertise and financial investments.


Analytics. Innovation. Protection.

A new age is here with both startups and legacy companies providing business intelligence, predictive analytics, data visualization, and advanced underwriting processes for both underwriters and consumers. Atlas InsurTech is here to commandeer and push the boundaries of InsurTech solutions by investing in eager and inventive startup founders.


Our Strategy.



We perform involved analytics and due diligence for potential investments looking for novel and sustainable business models.


We have 30 years of collective experience in the risk management and insurance sector with a broad knowledge base of the industry in its entirety.


We strive to disrupt the insurance industry with strategic investment and partnership opportunities.



Domiciled in Atlanta, GA

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